Special arrangements for Panchkroshi Yatra

Tents to be pegged in one lakh square feet area

Bhopal, April 7, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):   Large-scale arrangements for convenience of devotees have been made on 118 km long Panchkroshi Marg during Simhastha at Ujjain. Due to these arrangements, devotees would face no difficulty. All government departments have undertaken works jointly on Panchkroshi Marg. Most important need of devotees on Panchkroshi Marg in the summer will be clean and chilled water. For this, arrangements for chilled water have been made on every one to one and half kilometers. Ujjain Zila Panchayat has arranged tents and durries in one lakh square feet area so that devotees can take rest on shadow during Yatra. Arrangements for stay of devotees during Yatra have also been made in schools and villagers’ houses. For women, 10 changing rooms have been made at every Padao. There would be separate changing rooms for males. Day shelter facilities have been provided at Datrawad, Nolakhabeed, Lalpur School, Lalpur Patwari School, Baodi, Ranawad, Talod, Nalwa, Naikheri, Sodan and Doordeshwar. Adequate first aid arrangements have also been made for Yatris.  Arrangements have been made to provide chilled Chhachh, buttermilk, curd and milk products along with chilled water for Yatris during scorching summer heat. All products will be provided on fair prices at 4 parlours. Items of daily need are also required during Yatra. For this, 5 grocery shops will be available. One fire brigade will be deployed on every Padao Sthal.

Dustbins, handcarts and sanitation workers will be deployed at every Padao and Up-Padao for sanitation. The Marg has been levelled for convenience of Yatris.  About Rs. 3 crore has been spent on streetlights at Padao Sthals of Panchkroshi Yatra Marg. Major amount has been spent on development of the Marg. About Rs. 9 crore on tubewell borings, construction of water tanks, pumping station, shower establishment, platform for taking bath, hired water tankers and waters supply stands has been spent. Ten km long 11 KV lines have been laid covering Padao Sthals at Kaliyedeh, Karohan, Pingaleshwar, Undasa, Nalwa, Ambodiya and Jaithal. Transformers of 200 KVA capacity have been placed at these Padao Sthals.