Arrangements to transport passengers from Indore to Ujjain

Bhopal, April 20, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):   An action plan for smooth transport system has been chalked out so that travellers from Indore to Ujjain during Simhastha face no problem. Arrangements have been made to ply over 600 buses daily from Vijay Nagar, Teen Imli, Bhaurasla, Gangwal and Sarwate bus stands in Indore city. From each bus stand, over 10 buses will start journey every minute. Initially, 600 buses will make over 5 sorties. Thus, over 3 thousand sorties will be made by these buses carrying over 1.50 lakh passengers. Over 1500 buses have been acquired for Ujjain Simhastha-2016. From 5 points at Indore, buses will be plied upto Nanakheda in Ujjain city. AICTSL is also plying over 400 buses from Nanakheda in Ujjain city for various destinations. This will ensure smooth travel to and from Ujjain. Bus fares have been reduced by 25 percent for Simhastha. Now, Rs. 40 per head fare will be charged between Indore and Ujjain. Insurance cover of Rs. one lakh will also be provided to every traveler. To disseminate message of saving environment during Simhastha, lakhs of saints, seers and devotees of Valmiki Samaj will visit Ujjain. During Simhastha, Kullhars (earthen drinking water vessels) instead of plastic glasses will be used. Lakhs of Kullhars have been fetched from Rajasthan. Public feast will also be held at Valmiki Dham in which steel Thalis will be used instead of Dauna-Pattals.