Concrete and large scale arrangements for smooth electricity supply

Bhopal, April 22, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):  Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Company has made concrete and large scale arrangements for smooth electricity supply during Simhastha-2016 at Ujjain. Power will be supplied from one 220 KV sub-station and 3 sub-stations of 132 KV capacity each for Ujjain city and Mela area. Besides, power will also be supplied from 220 KV sub-station at Shankarpura, Ujjain and 132 KV sub-stations at Ratadiya, Jyoti Nagar and Bherugarh.  All power sub-stations have transmission capacity of 500 MW each with dual power supply system. For security purposes, single disk insulator string has been converted to double disk insulator string on Panchkroshi Marg and crowded areas. Arrangements have been made for lines’ routine patrolling, top patrolling, tree chopping, jumper tightening and PID testing of disks. These arrangements will ensure uninterrupted power supply. In addition to workers available for lines’ maintenance, 82 trained technical staff and engineers from other power companies have also been deployed to ensure uninterrupted power supply in Simhastha Mela area. Adequate vehicles have been provided to technical staff for lines’ maintenance. Arrangement of hotline maintenance gang has also been made.