Unique example of composite culture during Simhastha

Muslims welcoming and honouring saints and seers

muslim26.4.16Bhopal, April 26, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):  A unique example was witnessed during Simhastha at Ujjain. One of these unique examples was witnessed when followers of Islam cordially welcomed and honoured saints and seers attending Simhastha. The programme was organised by Jamia Arabia Sirajul Uloom and Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind. Representatives of both Hinduism and Islam attended the spiritual congregation. Akhada Parishad’s President Sri Narendra Giri Maharaj, General Secretary Sri Hari Giri Maharaj, Nirmohi Akhada’s Sri Rajendra Das Maharaj, Yogi Dushyant, other saints and seers were welcomed and honoured by followers of Islam. Students of Jamia Arabia Sirajul Uloom recited Quranic verses. Sri Narendra Giri Maharaj said that paths to attain God may be different, but destination is the same.

Therefore, we must respect each other’s methods of worship. There is need to be cautious against those spreading misconceptions. Sri Narendra Giri Maharaj congratulated organizers for this initiative aiming at strengthening communal harmony. He said that such functions enhance unity and brotherhood. Gist of all religions is peace, unity and brotherhood.

Let us share each others through the thick and thin and help in nation-building by assimilating good ethos. Convener Mr. Hafiz Mohammad Taqi Afi Ana said that objective of the function is to maintain composite culture of India. He said that all religions teach to co-exist with love and harmony. He said that harmonious co-existence is necessary for speedy growth of the country. Maulana Abdul Rasheed Saheb Dostam called for doing pious works and shun evils since evil begets evil.