Worth emulating initiative to keep Kshipra river clean

15 thousand bathrooms and 34 thousand toilets constructed for devotees

Bhopal, April 28, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):   District administration has constructed 34 thousand toilets and 15 thousand bathrooms on various ghats of Kshipra river in Simhastha Mela area. Separate toilets with ramps have also been constructed for disabled persons in sanitation clusters. Devotees have described it as an worth emulating initiative. As many as 10,000 toilets have been constructed in Mela area for convenience of saints, seers and devotees. Facility of western style toilets has also been provided at several places. Besides, 10,000 urinals have also been constructed. Satellite towns have been developed during Simhastha where arrangements of water, toilets and vehicle parking have been made. Under Khan diversion project, a 19 km long drinking water pipeline has been laid. The administration has provided ultramodern facilities of power, water, sewage etc to saints, seers and devotees. Along with whitewashing and painting, LED lights have also been installed on ghats of Kshipra river on both sides. Plantation and green belt are also adding beauty to Khsipra ghats. About 8 km long ghats have been constructed to facilitate the holy dip. Roads have been constructed on Panchkroshi Marg and Ujjain city for convenience of devotees. About 1.75 lakh saplings have been planted to ensure Green Simhastha. Similarly, plantation has also been undertaken at Sunahari, Valmiki and Triveni ghats. Saplings of mostly banyan, peepal, karanj, bamboo etc have been planted there. Medicinal plants’ saplings have been planted in 600 metre area on the sides of Lal Pul near Bhukhi Mata to improve environment. Plantation has also been undertaken on every Ujjain road, 4-lane, divider, central light etc.

Due to this, travellers passing through these roads in the night have a pleasant experience.  Cleaning is being done daily in Mangalnath zone. Waste collection boxes have been placed at several places. Government staff deployed at ghats advise devotees taking the holy dip against littering waste. Volunteers of Gayatri Shaktipeeth, Ujjain and All-India Gayatri Parivar, Shantikunj, Haridwar are motivating people for sanitation in Mangalnath, Garh Kalika and Kal Bhairav areas.