Health security of bidi workers

Bhopal, May 1, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):  A number of health schemes are being implemented in the state for bidi workers. They and their dependents are treated at bidi/mine labourers’ hospitals free of cost. Free medicines are also provided to them. Madhya Pradesh is prominent in bidi industry due to abundant availability of tendu leaves. Bidi workers suffering from heart and renal diseases are given Rs. 1000 per month maintenance allowance, Rs. 2 lakh for treatment of renal diseases and Rs. 1 lakh 3 thousand for heart diseases. On admission of bidi workers in hospitals, only expenses on treatment are reimbursed. A cancer affected labour is given Rs. 750 per month for 9 months and expenses on treatment are reimbursed. Reimbursement of upto Rs. 30 thousand is done on treatment of hernia, ulcer, gynecological diseases and debilitating diseases. Maintenance allowance is also given during treatment of TB, leprosy and mental diseases.  Bidi workers are given Rs. 300 for spectacles, Rs. 1000 for maternity (two children) and Rs. 500 for family planning operation. Under free group insurance scheme, Rs. 10 thousand is given to next of the kin of worker in case of natural death and Rs. 25 in case of accidental death. Rs. 1500 assistance is also given to perform last rites. Financial assistance of Rs. 5 thousand is also given to widow/widower of bidi worker for marriage of 2 daughters. They are being given benefit of National Health Insurance Scheme.