Ensure proper sanitary arrangements in Mela area and ghats

In-charge Minister Mr. Bhupendra Singh directs zonal officers

bhupen2.5.16Bhopal, May 2, 2016 (Abdul Ahad Farhan):  Proper sanitary arrangements should be ensure in Simhastha Mela area and ghats. Water should be sprayed on kuccha roads and levelled through road rollers to save devotees from dust. Vacant plots in Mela areas should be identified for parking. Alternative roads should also be used to improve traffic. In-charge Minister Mr. Bhupendra Singh directed zonal officers during zone-wise review of Simhastha arrangements at a meeting at Ujjain today. The Minister asked zonal officers to ensure that polluted food and drinking stuff are not sold in Mela area. Quality of food cooked in Annakshetras and hotels should also be chcked. Zonal officers should themselves curb sale of polluted food and drinking stuff in their respective areas.

Kitchens of Annakshetras should be adequately sanitized, clean water should be supplied, electricity wiring should be safe, waste is not piled up, dustbins should be places, drinking water kiosks should be operated regularly and water supplied to them as per requirement and unnecessary kiosks and changing shades should be removed from ghats. Toilets should be cleaned properly and their doors are in right condition. The In-charge Minister directed to remove rubbish immediately from Mela area and roads.

Proper drinking water and shade arrangements should be made at temporary city bus stop at Nanakhera stadium. He directed to level fields on both sides of Panchkroshi Yatra path and make floodlights arrangements there, reduce parking fee at parking places near Trade Fair and Bhukhi Mata, deploy volunteers for cleaning changing rooms at ghats and construct shades for labourers in Mela area. The Minister directed to check electricity connections in all tents and Pandals. He said that if naked electric wiring is found in any Pandal or tent, it should be rectified immediately. He also directed to fill water tank in Vrindavanpura.