Committee headed by PR Minister to recommend allotment of govt houses to journalists

Applicant to be eligible even if journo has own house under municipal limits

Cabinet decisions

Bhopal, May 4, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):   A meeting of the state cabinet chaired by Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan here today decided to constitute a committee headed by Public Relations Minister to allot government houses to journalists. The committee will comprise ACS Home and Principal Secretary Public Relations will be its member and Commissioner Public Relations will Convener of the committee. Number of government houses in the Press Pool will be 230. These houses will be E-type to lower categories. Allottee will have to deposit 2 month’s advance licence fee. Allotment will be made by Home Department on prescribed general rates. The committee will consider applications of journalists for allotment of government houses and send its recommendations via Home Department to the Chief Minister. Houses will be allotted for maximum 3 years. On committee’s recommendation, houses can be re-allotted for 3 more years.  The journalists who have been provided plots in government land allotted to journalists’ housing societies or who have their own house within limits of Bhopal Municipal Corporation will not be considered ineligible for allotment of government houses. Such journalists will have to deposit double of licence fee prescribed for allotment of houses under Press Pool. The committee will also consider applications of the journalists already residing in government houses, but period of whose houses has expired and they have not been re-allotted government houses.

If such journalists are found eligible then government houses can be -re-allotted to them by realising double of lump sump licence fee prescribed for allotment of houses under Press Pool for duration of their illegal possession of house. The committee will be empowered to set norms for eligibility of journalists itself and government houses will be allotted under these very norms. The journalists whose newspapers not publishing regularly presently or they are not active as journalist or have violated any conditions of allotment may be evicted from government houses. Home Department will be competent to initiate eviction of government houses as per existing rules.