Faith overcomes natural calamity during Simhastha again

Bhopal, May 11, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):  Faith has overcome natural calamity during Simhastha again. Unseasonal rains and storm after Shahi Snan by Akharas on Monday failed to deter devotees. They continued to earn religious merits by taking the holy dip in Kshipra till late night. Devotees from nook and corner of the country were heard saying that they could not have taken the holy dip had the arrangements been so well. Mohan Rao of Andhra Pradesh had come for the holy dip along with his mother-in-law, wife and other relatives. He said that as soon as they set foot on the soil of Ujjayani, rains and storm stuck. They were a little worried about prospective holy dip. But faith in their hearts and effective arrangements in Simhastha Mela area boosted their morale. As soon as rain stopped, they reached Ramghat. Since there was heavy rush of devotees due to Akhsay Tritiya, it took some time to reach the ghat. But all their tiredness was gone as soon as they took the holy dip. When native of Gwalior doing business in Jharkhand Mr. Rakesh Chouhan reached Indore, he came to know about storm and rains in Ujjain Simhastha Mela area. On the strength of faith and belief, he continued the journey and took the holy dip at Ramghat in late night. Mr. Mahendra Kaura from village Murawali in Bhind district reached Ujjain after rains and storms and fulfilled his long cherished dream by taking the holy dip along with his wife. All these devotees were lavishing praise on excellent arrangements for Mela by Madhya Pradesh government.