Simhastha Mahaparv unique amalgam of culture and art

Bhopal, May 11, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):  After being served by followers for 12 years, saints and seers are having pleasant experience of rendering service themselves during Simhastha at Mahakal’s city Ujjain. At Akharas, devotees are enjoying free meals in the form of Bhojan Prasadi, cold drinks and gaining knowledge through religious discourses. Devotees and visitors are specially enjoying Ram Kathas, Krishna Leela, Gita-Bhagwat and tales of Bhole Shankar’s glory. Along with taking the holy dip in River of Salvation Kshipra, devotees are also enriching themselves with heritage of Indian culture and art. A number of devotees had planned to return soon after first Shahi Snan and Akshay Tritiya, but attraction of Lord Mahakal’s city and Samagams of saints and seers have held them back at Ujjain where they are experiencing supreme bliss of their life. Untimely rains and storm also were unable to affect devotion of devotees. On the contrary, level of pilgrims’ devotion is increasing by the day. What has attracted the devotees is that nights of Ujjain are as bright as day due to profuse lighting arrangements. Along with administrative arrangements, voluntary organisations have also earned a lot of religious merit by serving devotees. Mr. Raja Bhartiya, 60, from Maharashtra and Mr. Rajiv Bhartiya, 65, from Karnal said that by visiting Ujjain Simhastha, they feel as if they have undertaken pilgrimage of Char Dham. Unity in diversity is hallmark of Indian culture, whose live demonstration is seen here, they added.