Foreign Hindus of Indian names propound art of living

Glory of Sanatan Dharma highlighted during second session

Bhopal, May 13, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):  Serious brainstorming was held on leading life while following path of religion in the second session of International Vichar Mahakumbh at Ninaura near Ujjain today. Introducing the subject, Mr. Ram Madhav also highlighted the parameters for successful life while following path of religion. Mr. Madhav also described the parameters for such life. Bhikkuni Dhammananda of Thailand, Dr. David Frawley, Stephen Kuapp, Prof. Ramdass Lamb, Mr. Michael Cremo and Dr. Yvette Rosser also spoke in this session. Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan, scholars from country and abroad were also present. Bhikkuni Dhammananda described worship of women as Shakti as a major strength. She said that there is no need to empower women since power its dwells in them. Measures should be taken to promote women’s power. Dr. David Frawley who is famous with Indian name Pandit Wamdev, stressed the need for following principles of Yoga and Vedanta in life. He said that ancient lifestyle of Indian was more homogenous with nature. Through this lifestyle, one can lead an ideal life even today.  Mr. Michael Cremo, who is a disciple of Prabhupad and acquired Indian name Dhuratkarm, said that our life cannot become meaningful unless we know as to who and where we are. Science and technology cannot give us replies to these questions. Replies to these questions are found in Vedanta. Vedanta says ‘Ahm Brahmasmi’. Only Hindu religious is so much homogenous with entire universe. Prof. Ramdass Lamb who teaches Hinduism in America’s Hawaii University delivered his address in Hindi.

He said that despite being born into a Christian family in America, he has followed Indian lifestyle as a Sadhu in India for 10 years. He described guidance from Satsang and vicinity of saints and seers as useful for life. He said that Guru-Shishya tradition in India is a major strength. A vehicle having wheels of both materialism and spiritualism is necessary on the path for attaining God. There have been glorious traditions of making achievements in life simultaneously through materialism and spiritualism.