Not only discussions, but methods to control pollution should also be explored

Need to re-establish discarded Indian traditions and values in life

Speakers aver during session on “Right living and sanitation”

Bhopal, May 13, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):   In the session on ‘Right Living and Sanitation’ on the first day of at Ninaura near Ujjain today speakers said that along with facilities, solutions to problems also need to be explored. Besides, there is need to re-establish Indian traditions and values in life which have been left behind in the race of modern development. Director of India Foundation Mr. Ram Madhav said that moral values in life are getting eroded. Tales giving lessons of moral values are not told by grandmothers to children now. Basic values of Indian traditions have been left behind in the race for modern development. They need to be re-establish now. He said that joint families have divided into single families. Under such circumstances, lost moral values need to be re-explored to preserve Indian values. Bhikkuni Dhammanda from Thailand said that messages of Lord Buddha are still relevant in the nook and corner of the world since they lead the path of right way in the life and make path of life easier. Dr. David Frawley from USA said that only spiritual life is the right path. Dr. Ramdass Lamb, Mitchel A Cremo and Yavite R. from USA also spoke on the occasion.  Speakers said that only discussions should not be held on pollution and civilization blamed for it, but effective methods to control it should also be explored.

They said that cost of re-cycling should also be included in the price of recycled plastic products so that infrastructure can be raised using this income. Dr. Suryaprakash Dhanoria of AIIMS, Raipur said that use of antibiotics should be decreased. He informed that compared to other counties, more antibiotics are used in India, which is fatal. He said that use of clean water and removal of filth are needed to prevent infectious diseases.