Skill augmentation and marketing necessary to promote cottage industry

Glory of Sanatan Dharma highlighted during second session

cottage13.5.16Bhopal, May 13, 2016 (Abdul Ahad Farhan):  During International Vichar Mahakumbh being held to give a global message to world at Ninaura near Ujjain today, subject experts undertook serious contemplation measures for promote cottage industry. Presiding over the session, Chairman of Chhattisgarh Finance Commission Mr. Chandrashekhar Sahu said that cottage industry is the biggest means of employment. A strategy needs to be chalked out for skill augmentation, marketing and proper use of local resources to promote cottage industry. Mr. Jagadanand Ji from Odisha said that cottage industry should be made beneficial for associating youths with it. Handicraft and textiles form about 78 percent of cottage industry. This sector has immense possibilities of employment.  IITian Mr. Pradeep Sharma said that small factories in villages i.e. cottage industries are controlled by society whereas society is being controlled by major factories. He informed that income of a Kalgariya ‘ironsmith’ in year 1859 was more than a software engineer of the present times comparatively.

He said that due to negligence towards this, artisans associated with this trade are working as labourers in major factories. Mr. Sharma said that direct use of natural resources is cottage industry while production of resources by inventing them is industry. Mrs. S. Bedi from Pune said that 84 percent population of India is associated with cottage industry in some way. She shared her experiences about cottage industries from Uttarakhand to Kachh. She said that fiscal management is needed for capacity building of cottage industry. Mr. Dilip of Wardha said that foundation of cottage industry lie in society. He said that water, forests and land should be seen as a single identity instead of separate elements. Fish farming should be promoted. Mr. Dilip stressed the need of resource management.