Changes in education need of hour

Intensive confabulations in session “Role of media in mass education”

massme14.5.16Bhopal, May 14, 2016 (Abdul Ahad Farhan):  Intensive confabulations were held in session ‘Role of Media in Mass Education’ on the second day of International Vichar Mahakumbh at Ninaura near Ujjain today. All speakers in the session said that changes in education are need of the hour. There must be uniform education system in the country. Uniform syllabus should be made for private and government schools. Presiding over the session, Mr. Sachchidanand Joshi said that Indian elements in media should be explored. He said that society is giving more than necessary importance to media. Due to it, values of media are degrading. Serious pondering is needed as to which kind of media is needed by society. He said that education should not be a mere source of livelihood, but a medium for all-round development in life. Mr. Sankrant Sanu from America said that only resources are not important for quality in education, but its values are more important. He said that education should be made value-based and useful for life. He said that differentiation in society between private and government schools should be ended.

In America, about 90 percent children study in government schools. Efforts should be made to improve quality of government schools in India.  Dr. Gautam said that media should come out of its negativity and bring forth positive face of society. These days, media is doing event focused reporting. Serious reporting is needed regarding practical issues on ground level. Mr. Hindol Sen Gupta said that media shows and teaches what people want to see and get taught. Media would change when societies changes. He said that erosion of values in society is visible in the media as well. Miss Kshipra Mathur conducted the proceedings.