If we ban earth’s 30 % area for human beings, nature will enrich itself again

Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev at discussion on “Sustainable development and climate change”

vasude14.5.16Bhopal, May 14, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):   While expressing his opinions at discussions on ‘Sustainable Development and Climate Change’ during special session at International Vichar Mahakumbh at Ninaura near Ujjain today, Founder of Isha Foundation and spiritual Guru Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev said that it would become more and more difficult day by day to distribute resources available on the Earth due to population boom. For this, the best way would be to ban Earth’s 30 percent area for human beings. He said that the nature has unique quality to enrich itself again. There would be no lack of resources is human interception is minimized. Sadguru was welcomed by Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Sadguru gave replies to questions on subject of climate change. Elaborating on problems arising out of climate change and global warming, Sadguru said that human beings are themselves made of 5 elements. Imbalance of these 5 elements starts causing its impact of gradually on environment. Coordination of these 5 elements can create magical impact. He said that human aspirations cannot be changed by force, but through positive messages. Sadguru said that for finding out a permanent solution, society should be shown the path from individual consciousness towards mass consciousness. He said that now there is no need for any other system or machine, but knowledge and use of spiritualism to solve ecological and environmental issues.  Sadguru said that misuse of knowledge is the biggest concern.

A situation for mutual coordination of the 5 elements with which human beings have been made should created. This effort is possible since the 5 elements have deep mutual relation. No element intervenes to tries to dominate another. What we can touch, we cannot savour its taste. What we see, we cannot touch it. He said that in modern society, human beings are destroying this beauty instead of getting introduced with it. Sadguru said that if human society does not change its conduct, then the nature has the immense capability to take its own decisions.

He said that human consciousness needs to be made sharper to understand and deal with burning issues like climate change. Solution will come out soon as and when mindset is changed. He said that misuse of knowledge is most lethal. Another major problem is population boom. The people deserve praise who do not increase their families considering the world as their family, but those who intentionally increasing population are committing a crime towards the nature. This causes unnecessary waste of natural resources. He said that resources like air and water are not mere resources, but elements that form life.