Kumbh symbolizes purification of mind, body and thoughts

LS speaker Mrs. Mahajan at session on right way to live

living15.5.16Bhopal, May 15, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):  Lok Sabha Speaker Mrs. Sumitra Mahajan has said that Kumbh symbolizes purification of body, mind and thoughts. Path of future is paved by purity of body and mind and proximity of saints and seers. She said that holding of Vichar Mahakumbh is continuation of glorious traditions of Indian culture. Mrs. Mahajan stated this while presiding over session of ”Right Way to Live” during International Vichar Mahakumbh at Ninaura in Ujjain district today. Mrs. Mahajan said that spirit of developing persons and presenting them to society is intrinsic to Indian culture. She said that Indian culture’s contribution to the world is thousands of years old. Its contribution would be worthwhile in sustainable development of the world in future as well. Indian culture commands respect worldwide for its spirit of peaceful co-existence and mutual cooperation. Mrs. Mahajan said that Indian culture has taught the world principle of Nurture the Nature. Here the 5 elements are worshipped. Rivers show path of flow of life. Rivers are lifeline of every civilization. Indian culture is also flowing like rivers. World’s largest democracy India is the unique example of unity in diversity. Freedom of opinion and expression is foundation of Indian culture. Here even diversity of ideologies is key to oneness of truth. Ideology of Rishi Charvak is also not different from basics of Indian culture.

Bhutan’s Minister for Information and Broadcasting Mr. D.N. Thungwel said that holding of Vichar Mahakumbh is a relevant effort. It is an opportune moment to express views on current challenges. Economic growth and prosperity is necessary, but not at the cost of environment, culture and values of life. It is necessary to ensure global commercialism does not damage cultural traditions. He said that material and psychological efforts are necessary for happiness. Bhutan’s government is making effective efforts to ensure happiness of its citizens.

Works for sustainable and egalitarian society, economic arrangements and good governance have been undertaken for people’s happiness.  He said that Indian culture is greatest in the world which has rich heritage of knowledge and philosophy. With this heritage, India should lead the world. He said that gist of all religions is same. Love, harmony and cooperation are foundations of humanity. Jharkhand’s Chief Minister Mr. Raghubar Das said that through Vichar Mahakumbh, Indian culture, spiritualism of ideologies of saints and seers will get global recognition.

He said that this Kumbh is biggest congregation of human beings. Madhya Pradesh government has made successful effort to establish Indian culture on global platform through this. Lauding arrangements for the event, he congratulated the state government on behalf of Jharkhand’s people. He said that name of Madhya Pradesh should be entered in Guinness Book of World Records for successful conduct of Kumbh.