Simhastha to become basis of global level software for crowd management

International research camp doing study in Mela area

Netherlands’ envoy informs

Bhopal, May 15, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):  Ambassador of Netherlands in India Mr. Alphonsus Stoelinga has said that such massive crowd as during Simhastha at Ujjain does not assemble anywhere in the world. Therefore, crowd management at Simhastha at Ujjain has been selected for study. After study, analysis and research a software for crowd management on its basis will be developed. Ambassador Mr. Alphonsus said that the crowd management study project has been taken up jointly by the Netherlands, Russia and Singapore universities, Union Ministry of Information Technology, Indian Institute of Science, IIT, Kanpur, Indian industrial houses and start-up companies. Joint camp of India and the Netherlands has been set up in Dutt Akhara zone. Data about psyche, conduct, sense of security during movement and standstill motion, cooperation with arrangements etc are being studied during the research. Use of drones, GPS, locate centre and best cameras is being made in this research. Objective of the study include chalking out guidelines and evolution of a software for disaster management which can used for crowd management in world’s mega events like Olympics, large-scale cultural events and times of crisis. Sharing his experiences about Simhastha Mr. Alphonsus said that it is a role model for infrastructure development, sanitation arrangements, use of information technology, conduct of crowd and concept of Smart City.