7000 vultures sighted in second phase of census

Maximum in Panna

vulture17.5.16Bhopal, May 17, 2016 (Abdul Ahad Farhan):   In the second phase of statewide census from May 14, as many as 7000 vultures have been sighted. Maximum 993 vultures have been found in Panna district and 1133 in protected area of Panna tiger reserve. In the first phase of the census in January, 6900 vultures were detected. Vultures have been found in total 35 districts in the state. After Panna, maximum 681 vultures have been found in Mandsaur district, Chhatarpur 659 and 537 in Sheopur district. Among protected areas, 661 vultures have been sighted in Gandhi Sagar sanctuary, 406 in Kuno wildlife forest division and 229 in Bandhavgarh tiger reserve. Due to summer season, most of vultures have been sighted near water bodies. Compared to first phase, increase and decrease in number of types of vulture has been witnessed. It is noteworthy that during first census in January, migratory vultures were also present in the state, which have returned to their cold northern areas. During summer season, 4 local species of vulture have been sighed including indigenous vulture, Raj Gidh, white Gidh and Chamar Gidh. Number of white Gidh is expected to be maximum. Vultures’ breeding period is from November to April. Therefore, increase in population is definitely expected after summer season.   Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal will analyse data of vulture census. Following it, an illustrated atlas will be prepared to chalk out strategy to increase vulture population.