Generations changed, but not faith

Hiralal takes holy dip with 6th generation during Mahakumbh

Bhopal, May 19, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):  Important dates, festivals, fairs etc are carriers of culture and civilization from one generation to another. These events keep cultural traditions alive. There are a number of devotees like Mr. Hiralal Choudhary and Mr. Tulsi Ram Mandloi of village Polai Kalan in Shajapur district, who had taken the first holy dip with their grandfathers in year 1968. Today, they took their 5th holy dip with their 6th generation i.e. grandsons.  Mr. Choudhary described it as good fortune for him and his families. He said that his family has unflinching faith in Indian traditions and culture. These days, meanings of life are changing. Even then, there is no change in faith and religious beliefs. As a result, they have been able to maintain these traditions for generations. He has passed on the same values to his next generations. Mr. Choudhary said that Mahakumbh has undergone much change compared to past. During current Simhastha, the state government has made excellent arrangements. Despite presence of over one to 1.25 crore devotees efficient arrangements have been made for drinking water, transport and traffic, guidance centres, lodging and food arrangements in Ashrams etc. He informed that total population of his town is 16 thousand of which about 10 thousand persons have taken the holy dip in Kshipra during various Snans.

The process of their arrival is still on. All members of his family have taken the holy dip in turns.  Mrs. Kanta Bai Nagar, 84, from Tirupati Nagar, Indore cannot walk without anyone’s support. She informed that she has accompanied her 100 years old husband Mr. Ram Chander Nagar. She has deep faith in country’s culture and traditions. She said that due to blessings of Lord Mahakal, she did not face any difficulty. Her 64 years old daughter-in-law Mrs. Nirmala Nagar and advocate son Mr. Babulal Nagar respect her sentiments. She has come to take 4th holy dip. She said that the bliss she has experienced here cannot be experienced anywhere else. She has prayed to Kshipra Maiyya for happiness and prosperity of entire country.