Tigers to be translocated in tiger-extinct countries, too

Foreign delegation undertakes study visit to Panna Tiger reserve

tiger24.5.16Bhopal, May 24, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):   Panna Tiger Reserve has attained status of world Guru in tiger translocation. A 9-member delegation of World Wildlife Fund was on a 3-day study visit to Panna Tiger Reserve. Their intention is to translocate tigers in Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand where tigers have either become extinct or are on the verge of extinction. The delegation apprised themselves of activities for tiger translocation, difficulties at ground level and technique during the 3-day visit from May 19 to 21. The delegation comprised Mr. Stuart Chapman, Head of WWF Greater Mekong Programme, Mr. Van Ngoc Thinh, Country Director, WWF Vietnam, Sri Sam Ath Chhith, Country Director, WWF Cambodia, Mr. Teak Seng, Conservation Director WWF, Miss Yowakak Thiaradhow, Country Director, WWF Thailand, Dr. Sejal Worah Programme Director, WWF-India, Mr. Jimmy Borah, Sr. Coordinator of WWF-India’s Tiger Conservation Programme and Mr. Joseph Vattakaven, Sr. Advisor to WWF-International Tigers Alive Initiative. Through Power Point presentation, the delegation also shared experiences with tiger monitoring team’s members and also imbibed training.