Indo-US ties strengthened further

Spirit of respect for all religions lauded

US Ambassador Mr. Richard Verma meets Chief Minister Mr. Chouhan

CM invites envoy to global investors summit

lead26.5.16Bhopal, May 26, 2016 (Muslim Saleem):   US Ambassador in India Mr. Richard R. Verma met Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan here today. Mr. Verma held discussions on issues like economic investment, women’s empowerment and religious freedom in Madhya Pradesh. The Chief Minister welcomed Mr. Verma and members of embassy accompanying him. Mr. Chouhan informed that till a decade ago, Madhya Pradesh was among backward states of India. Now, the state is maintaining growth rate in double digit and probably the highest agriculture growth rate in the world. The Chief Minister informed Mr. Richard Verma that unprecedented water conservation works have been undertaken in Madhya Pradesh. Now, a target has been set to irrigate 60 lakh hectares. Availability of water has increased due to maintenance of small and big water structures and conservation of water. Discussing community participation-based development, Mr. Chouhan said that government and people work in tandem in the state. Referring to recently concluded Simhastha at Ujjain, the Chief Minister informed that due to cooperation of people 8 crore devotees visited Ujjain. He informed that a campaign will be launched with public cooperation to rejuvenate rivers. Rivers like Narmada do not draw water from glaciers and only vegetation is their source of life. Therefore, it has been decided that large number of saplings will be planted within one kilometer radius of both the banks of Narmada with people’s cooperation.

Farmers have been urged to plant saplings of fruit-bearing trees. They will be given compensation till these trees start bearing fruits.  The Chief Minister informed Mr. Verma that simultaneously with Simhastha, a series of ideological seminars was held on global issues like climate change, global warming and religion for human welfare and value-based life. The series concluded with international Vichar Kumbh during Simhastha. Mr. Chouhan informed that economic prosperity is necessary, but there are other norms also for happiness.

Keeping this in view, a Happiness Ministry is being constituted. Referring to economic investment in the state, the Chief Minister informed that Global Investors Summit will be held at Indore on October 21, 22 and 23, 2016. Invitations are being sent to American investors. Mr. Chouhan said that India and US have ideological similarities on several issues like climate change and terrorism. He said that Indo-US ties have strengthened further. Mr. Chouhan urged for participation of US as partner of Global Investors Summit.