PM Modi sees India as future world leader

In 2 years, we managed to overcome odds and register impressive economic performance: We have launched an ongoing campaign against tax evasion and black money: More than a market, India is a reliable partner: My aim is to reform and transform: 

WASHINGTON: More than just a market, India is a reliable partner that is all set to be the driver of global economic growth, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the American business community early on Wednesday morning (IST).

“This is the time when the world needs new engine of growth. It would be nice if the new engines are democratic engines,” PM Modi said in his address to the American business community at the annual gala of the US India Business Council in Washington.

The Prime Minister is on a three-day state visit to the US. He met with members of the American business community hours after his meeting with US President Barack Obama.

The PM urged American investors to come to India and set up efficient manufacturing units. He added that as India marches ahead on the path of development, it needs to learn from the American experience, in particular from its culture of entrepreneurship.

India, he said, can also benefit from the US’s technological advancement in products ranging from drugs to drones. “Indeed, to me America has not just a great past, it is a country with an exciting future,” the Prime Minister said.

The PM said he’s confident that an Indo-US partnership would benefit both countries. Further, he said, a larger Indian economy has “multiple benefits” for the world.