Actress drugged, raped repeatedly

Mumbai. film producer Altaf Merchant is accused of drugs and rape a 32-year-old Bollywood actress, She has lodged an FIR against Altaf in Bandra police station. Know the actress’s horror story …y

-Actress said that Altaf Merchant ruined her life and made her drug addict.

– The actress who has worked in several Bollywood and Tollywood films.

– Altaf met victim through a common friend in December 2013.

– The victim first met Altaf would arrange work in Bollywood.

– Altaf said her identity in Bollywood is very good and he could make a career of the victim.

– Altaf actress also wants to become a victim of things came.

Drunk rape

According to the actress, ‘Altaf Merchant said that why you do not try drugs. By taking a look at this. I had deceived him. But soon it became clear that she is destroying my life. Merchant on several occasions to force me to take drugs. When I was drunk so he would stop me in the room and I was raped.