Dhoni’s earnings plummeted 33% in a year  

Forbs the highest earning athletes list of top 100 is released. Real Madrid, the club’s star striker Cristiano Ronaldo with 88 million dollars, or 587 million, are at the number one position. According to this list Kailkuleshn, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s earnings in the past year fell by 33%. Dhoni was the top 100 athletes in the covers. The world’s third most valuable player is not named in the list of Virat.

Dhoni took 61 million a year in revenues

– Forbes released the top 100 athletes in 2015 in the list, Dhoni 31 million (Rs 198 crore) was ranked number 23.

– List of 2016 for the same cut-off 20.8 million (137 million) was placed Dhoni says that the cutoff is less than last year’s earnings.

– On the basis of this list if Kailkuleshn Captain Cool earned Rs 61 crore in the previous year (198-137 = 61) is reduced.

– The decrease in percentage is 33%.

Decide that the Top 100

– $ 20.8 million for the cutoff is placed on the list last year, more than $ 2 million.

– $ 20.8 million less than the top-earning athletes were excluded from the list of 100.

– Only 1 June 2015 earnings between June 1, 2016 have to be added.

– The amount of money players salaries, bonuses, prize money and endorsement of the amount derived by adding up.

TOP in the first footballer

– The world’s first footballer Ronaldo who topped Forbes is made.

– In 2015 with the number one living 1915.65 crore have Mayweather out of the top 10. They are now at 16th.

– The most amazing thing is that no one in top 100 Indian and international cricketers is not. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, were included in the list of the 100 in 2015, but this year is out.

Strode into the top 10 basketball players

– Ronaldo and Barcelona star Lionel Messi competitor ranked second in the list.

– Their annual earnings of $ 81.4 million (Rs 543 crore), while the third basketball player James Lebroyn.

– Top tennis star Roger Federer still in the list. They are fourth.

– Top 10 in 3 basketball, golf, football and tennis, American football player, two and one.

Foiled the list of top 100 players, footballers hit the ground


– 34 footballers

– 26 Baseball Player

– 18 Basketball Player

– 7 Tennis Players

– 5 golfer

– 4 Formula 1 racer

– 3 Boxer

– 2 Auto Racer

– 1 mixed martial arts fighter