India will create record by playing 17 Tests in a season

In 2016-17, India’s international and domestic Munbikbisisiai season schedule released Thursday. The first Test will be played on season six new grounds. Team September 23 domestic season series against New Zealand said. However, June 11, the team will play 17 Tests. The 139-year history of cricket is a new record. Earlier, Australia had played 15 Tests in the 1979-80 season. India, too, the same year he played more than 13 Tests. Meanwhile, the New Zealand team in the Eden Gardens with the day-night matches. The first Test will be here …

– Board said Rajkot, Visakhapatnam, Pune, Dharamsala, Indore and Ranchi will be the first test match.

– Indian team on home ground this year 13 Tests, eight ODIs and three Twenty20 matches.

– On June 11, starting in Zimbabwe 3rd ODI series in India and three Twenty20 matches.

– 4 Tests in the West Indies then played back and return the country from September 23 will be the series against New Zealand domestic season.

– This season the 17 Tests, 11 ODIs and T20 matches 6 is scheduled.

vs New Zealand


– 3 Tests and 5 ODIs India will play New Zealand on tour. Test Indore, Kanpur and Kolkata will.

– The 5 match ODI series Dharamsala, Delhi, Mohali, Ranchi and Visakhapatnam will be played.

vs England

– 5 Test against England after the Kiwis, will play three ODIs and three T20s.

– Test, Mohali, Rajkot, Mumbai, Visakhapatnam and Chennai will.

– Pune, Cuttack and Kolkata 3 ODIs.

– Bangalore, Nagpur and 3 T20 will be played in Kanpur.

vs Australia

– Australia in February-March 2017 will be on tour in India. 4 Test matches between the two.

– Test Series Bangalore, Dharamsala, Ranchi and will be in Pune.

vs Bangladesh

– Bangladesh cricket team for a test (in Hyderabad) to come to India.

The first day-night matches India

– For the first time this year the team is scheduled to play day-night Test.

– Test against New Zealand at Eden Gardens ground would.

– Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) officials have also confirmed this. CAB to host the day-night match was written to the BCCI.