Racket loots aged person in garb of marriage

Ahmedabad: Three women and a man from Ahmedabad were arrested on Thursday allegedly for blackmailing and cheating a 50-year-old man from Rajkot. They had allegedly drugged the man, clicked indecent photographs and blackmailed him for Rs 5 lakh by threatening to go public with the pictures.

A complaint in this regard was registered by victim Parsotam Marviya, a resident of Nana Mava in Rajkot. The police arrested Khokhra resident Manjula alias Mona Vaghela 37, Daisy Makwan, 45, as well as Shila Christian 54, and Michael Joseph 25, all residents of Maninagar.

Police said, “Three and a half years ago, Parsotam’s wife died, leaving behind five daughters and two sons. His family recently decided to get him married again. They received a call from Shila, a matchmaker. She told Parsotam that she would help him find the perfect match and invited him to Ahmedabad.”

Shila introduced the 50-year-old to three girls. “He rejected them and returned to Rajkot. She once again called him to Ahmedabad and introduced him to a couple of women, including Manjula. Once again, Parsotam rejected them all. Two days later, Manjula called Parsotam and said that she wanted to marry him despite her family’s objections. Parsotam cut the call. Some days later, she called again and claimed to be in love with him. She threatened to kill herself and write a suicide note mentioning his name if he did not visit her in Ahmedabad.”

Scared, Parsotam did as asked. “She then forced him to go to Mt Abu with another girl for company. They reached Abu on May 21 and stopped at a hotel where Manjula had booked a room earlier. In the room, Manjula offered him water to drink. He fell unconscious. When he woke up an hour later, his jewellery and Rs 12,000 in cash was missing. Someone told him that Manjula had scooted with the jewellery.”

Parsotam returned to Ahmedabad and called Manjula but she did not pick up the call. Police said, “Parsotam received a call from a man who claimed to have indecent photographs of him with a girl in Abu, and threatened to make it public if the 50-year-old did not cough up Rs 25 lakh.”

Parsotam agreed to give them Rs 5 lakh. “He took ornaments and cash from the house to give to Manjula and her gang who were coming to Rajkot to collect it. His son spotted him and questioned him. When Parsotam told him the entire story, his son convinced him to go to cops. A trap was laid and the accused were caught red-handed, accepting money,” said Inspector B T Vadhiya of Rajkot Taluka police. Police have recovered jewellery, cash and car from the accused.