‘Absconding’ girlfriend of gangster seen in Bollywood movie promotion

Gangster Sandeep Gudganvkhriana Gadhuli’s girl friend and struggling actress and model Divya Pahuja is out of the reach of police. But she is often seen in public even while her case is bing probed by Mumbai SIT. It is noteworthy that Sandeep was killed in an encounter because of Divya.

They became friends on Faceboook. Sandeep reached Gurgaon to meet Divya where he was shot dead.

She was recently seen in Jerjura Azhar’s film promotion party at the club with the girls taking selfies.
– I still can be seen on the Internet. Divya’s family claims that he did not know anything, since a week and do not know anything about him.
Divya is a resident of Gurgaon Pahuja
– Divya Pahuja is a resident of Gurgaon. He has completed his studies in public school Pibian.
– Divyais a model for dot com of Delhi Fashion Club .
Mumbai Police in the arrest of policemen are exempted sweat
– Sandeep Gaduli 5 policemen to arrest the alleged encounter case Mumbai police have begun strict approach.
– There are currently five underground policemen. The Gurgaon police have considerable embarrassment.
– On Friday, the Mumbai police team raided for their arrest.
– SI Pradyumna fake encounter accused, Vikram ASI, constable Paramjit, Deepak and Jitendra overtime Mumbai Police to arrest is made.
– On Friday, the Mumbai Police Crime Police officer visited his office to meet, but could not meet.
– Mumbai police officials in Gurgaon, written by police officers, who would like to take the underground, how long shall spot the five policemen.
Senior officers do not know the location
– After being suspended five policemen are underground, which is the big question on the functioning of the Gurgaon police.
– Gurgaon on condition of anonymity, a senior police official said five policemen of the police is not responsible. The department is also suspended.
– Where a policeman is suspended after being informed of how the department said. He said the course so that the relationship or interaction of these five policemen will be asked to surrender them.