Euro Cup 2016: Schedule

Euro Cup on Friday with the new rules were introduced. Playing in the first match of Group A in the blue jersey of the French team thrashed 2-1 by Romania. France won the match because of a last-minute goal from Dmitry Paat. In the 89th minute of the match the goalposts Dmitry top corner from 20 yards away at a run scored by the left foot. The first half, both teams did not score any goals. Read how the penalties were leveled after the Romania match …

– The first goal of the match in the 58th minute with the help of France’s Oliver header. With this round of France took a 1-0 lead.

– Although the lead did not last much longer. Romania was the sharp attack after eating goals.

– Got a shootout over Romania in the 65th minute and scored the match 1-1 Stekiu opened.

-But The rest of the match in the second round of Romania Sokars team could not capitalize on opportunities.

Security was tight in the first match, fans celebrated the celebration

– Are hosting the French victory was celebrated everywhere.

– Please tell that France and Romania match was played in heavy security.

– According to Reuters, more than 90 thousand security soldier were present at the stadium.

– Indeed, Thursday night and the locals clashed Maraseli British football fans.

– 6 people were injured in the violence. According to police, the incident occurred in the southern French city.

– Two British fans and four police officers were injured. Around 100 British citizens and at the time of the incident there were about 50 locals.

This time 24 teams are playing tournaments

– The 15th European Football Championship, the first 24 teams are taking part. Europe had 16 teams playing first.

– After the World Cup football in France is hosting the prestigious tournament. A 51-month-long championship match will be played on 10 fields.

– Spain will take part as the team champion of the last two times. Euro Cup 2271 crore prize money.

– Winner team gets 204 million.

Here is the full schedule of tournament

Group match 22 June will be 36 matches in 13 days

Knockout: 25, 26, 27 will be 8 matches in 3 days

Quarterfinals June 30, July 3

Semifinals: 6 and July 7

Final July 10

Euro Cup than it is today

– Three matches will be played on Saturday. The first match in the evening at 6.30 pm between Switzerland and Albania will. Switzerland won five of the six matches between the two. A draw.

– The second game between Wales and Slovakia will be at 9:30 pm. Both teams won one match.

– On Saturday, the third match will be played between England and Russia. The match will start at 12.30 pm. Both teams won one match.

These are 10 new rules football: The player will intentionally fouled off the ground

# One. Penalty

Now receive a penalty during the game will not be allowed to pass fellow player.

– To do so would get the yellow card. The opposition will also get the free kick.

– Penalty shoot from the line before the goalkeeper come forward, he will be shown the yellow card.

#2. A player who fouled out big

– Who fouled player in your goalposts closer D ref will send out from the field.

– To control the ball at the foul yellow card from referee removes pockets.

# Three. Red card

– Now match referee before the start of any player can show the red card.

– Despite this, the team of 11 players will hit the field. With another player.

# Four. Injury Time

Ago-player had to go out onto the pitch injured. The referee pointed to recover her to come inside.

– Now he can live up to 20 seconds on the pitch. The physio can help recover quickly game.

# Performer. Without shoes

During the opening of the shoe laces -game players had to wait for the next stop.

– But without shoes and an Shin Gaders player can continue to play their game.

# Six. Throe

-profeshnl Football was played in the first referee whistles to throw incorrect. But now it will apply the rules strictly.

– Players to bring the ball to the back of the head with both hands to throw. Ball head should remain above.

# Seven. Free Kick

Kick-free consuming Ataking team player were still in front of the goalkeeper. Free kick one of these goals would be missed.

– But the free kick Ataking players will not stand in front of the goalkeeper.

# Delhi. Side pass-back pass clearance

-Now Just pushing the ball at the start of the match was the rule.

– But now the ball to the side and got approval to pass back.

# IX. Drinks break

-refri Had the freedom to increase the time the drinks break. The referee will be able to do so, but they will keep track of seconds.

– This time, the extra time will be added.