Kapil Sibal and Vivek Tankha of Congress enter Rajya Sabha

Results of 27 Rajya Sabha seats have been declared on Saturday. rajysba election for 27 seats, the results of Saturday’s seven states. Kapil Sibal of Congress won from UP while BJP supported Mohapatra lost. The BJP MP also won two of the three seats in Madhya Pradesh where Vivek Tankha of Congress also won. The most interesting contest was in Haryana. One seat went to the BJP on the other seat from BJP’s supported Subhash Chandra won. RK Anand of Congress suffered loss due to infighting  and 14 votes  getting rejected. BJP managed to win all seats in Jharkhand and Rajasthan. Who won ins what state …

– 57 Rajya Sabha seats from 15 states were empty. The BJP and the Congress were of 14-14 seats.

– 7 sp, 5 U, BJD and AIADMK came from 3-3.

– 2-2 seats, BSP, DMK, NCP and 1-1 TDP and YSR Congress, Shiv Sena and SAD were empty.

– 8 of the 31 member states were elected unopposed.

– 7 states had 27 seats.

– Rajasthan, BJP won four seats. The Congress lost the support stand as an independent candidate.

– Voting took place in 11 seats in UP 7 sp, 2 BSP and Congress and BJP went to 1-1.

– BJP election by standing up to the Independent Preeti Mohapatra had interesting. But he could not win them.

– In Jharkhand, the BJP managed to win both seats.

– 2 seats for BJP in Madhya Pradesh and one seat went to Congress. (Click here to read the full story)

BJP has gained four seats

– RS BJP had 14 seats vacated by 57. There are around 17 seats after the elections. Direct beneficiaries of the three seats.

– Subhash Chandra has won the support of the BJP. They were also joined BJP 4 seats have been profitable.

Damage to Congress

– After the election, Congress Rajya Sabha seats in five have fallen.

– His 14 MPs retired. But he won only 9 seats.

These states voting

How many seats where the seats of the Rajya Sabha, who is State

UP 11 7 SP, 2 BSP, 1 BJP, 1 Congress

4 4 BJP Rajasthan

Karnataka Congress 4 3, 1 BJP

MP 3 2 BJP, 1 Congress

2 2 BJP Jharkhand