Minister for blocking 240 escort service sites

Nnew Delhi. IT and Communication Ministry to offer escort service to block immediately ordered the 240 sites. The ministry’s decision to remove content from the internet porn has taken under his crusade. Ruckus over the last decision …
– Internet Service Providers ministry Monday (ISPs) to block websites under the Information Technology Rules 2009 is ordered.
– Ban list includes many sites are still ongoing.
– Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block them away just a few days.
– Last year, the government had taken a similar step. Under this multiple was ordered to block porn sites.
– But later had to recall the furore over the government’s decision. At that time, the government was accused of censorship on the Internet.
This is the real problem
– An industry source said the government has gone wrong since the beginning of this exercise.
– “We will block the site, 10 new leads to that moment. Different names, these sites are moving.”
– “Just a few minutes later, changed the name of these websites is easy.”
Before the ban was imposed on 857 websites
– Last year, 857 government websites containing adult content had decided to block.
– But the criticism, the government had decided to review its order. The ban was lifted on the websites.
– The move from the debate on social media and other platforms were introduced.