Blackmailer uses FB to extort money from lady astrologer

MUMBAI: A Haryana native has been arrested for extorting money from a Mumbai woman by creating 13 fake accounts on Facebook in her name and putting up obscene images. An investigation revealed that the accused had tried to knock out money in a similar manner from at least four other women, two of whom are friends of the complainant.
The accused, Sachin Wadhva (33) lives in Fatehabad. A school dropout, he has had no formal training in computers but operates a number of accounts on Facebook under various aliases. Wadhva has eight past cases of motor vehicle theft registered in Haryana.
The complainant woman lives in Goregaon (east) and is an astrologer. She is not acquainted with Wadhva. He accidentally landed on her Facebook page and liked a few pictures of hers. He then sent her a friendship request but she did not accept it. This irked Wadhva who repeatedly sent her friendship requests another seven or eight times.

 “When the victim wouldn’t befriend him, Wadhva created 13 bogus accounts in her name. He copied her photographs from her genuine account and morphed them with obscene pictures from the net. He then uploaded the final images on the 13 bogus accounts which he had created. It is from these fake accounts that he sent messages to people known to the victim,” said inspector Deepak Phatangare of Bangur Nagar police station.
 The victim was horrified when she found out. Wadhva then offered his friend’s bank account number and instructed the victim to deposit Rs25,000 in it. She was warned that a thousand fake accounts would crop up with morphed images if she failed to pay up.
On April 22, the victim registered a police complaint. The police then wrote to Facebook and obtained the IP address used by Wadhva. He was using his cellphone to harass the woman.