Ten vultures reach Bhopal’s vulture breeding centre from Pinjore

vulture19.6.16Bhopal, June 19, 2016 (Ataullah Faizan):   Ten vultures have reached Bhopal from Jatayu Breeding and Conservation Centre, Pinjore in Haryana on Saturday. They would be housed at Kerwa quarantine, Bhopal for breeding and procreation. These include 6 long-billed vultures and 4 white back vultures. After procreation and augmentation, vultures will be released in natural environs. The number of these near-extinct vulture specie has increased to 30 at Bhopal centre. Vultures are natural scavengers and their dwindling numbers have caused concern in the world. To save them from extinction, 8 breeding and procreation centres have been established in the country including Bhopal. Vulture breeding and conservation centre was set up at Bhopal in year 2011. From Jatayu Breeding and Conservation Centre, Pinjore 15 vultures were brought here in year 2014 including 8 long-billed vultures and 7 white back vultures. Besides, 6 long-billed vultures were also brought from Tamia in Chhindwara district by Nest Link. Vultures have significant role in prevention of diseases due to animal carcasses. They are also helpful in environmental balance.