Villages of the two Nobel laureates to have  Wi-Fi

Chennai: The irony of the birth places of C V Raman and S Chandrasekhar not being touched by technology will soon end.

The ancestral villages of the two Nobel laureates in Thanjavur district will now have 2Mbps Wi-Fi, thanks to an initiative by the World Broadband Alliance (WBA). Microsense, a wireless internet service provider headquartered in Chennai and a founding-member of WBA, is carrying out the drive to link unconnected parts of the country.

Villages Purasakudi and Mangudi, about 20km from Thanjavur, will have internet access from June 20, the World Wi-Fi Day. A team from Microsense are in the two villages setting up the last mile connection, tapping radio frequency signals from Wi-Fi towers in Thanjavur and Kumbakonam.

Microsense India executive director Sujit Singh said, “Access points are being set up using Microsense’s path breaking Cloud Wi-Fi platform near schools, the panchayat office, prominent streets and residential parts in the two villages where most of the 1000-odd families own smartphones.” Microsense has also donated two laptops to the Mangudi government-aided village school (up to Class 6) and a desktop as a common resource for villagers’ use.

Speaking of the hurdles in setting up connectivity in the remote villages, Singh said, “There are challenges that include provisioning power, drawing in the last mile from far off locations, besides deploying Wi-Fi gears. ”

World famous physicist C V Raman’s ancestral home is in Purasakudi. Raman’s grandnephew V S Sunder who is a mathematician at The Institute of Mathematical Sciences in the city welcomed the initiative.

Raman’s grandniece Uma Parameswaran, a retired English professor and now based in Canada, said, “C V Raman had great faith in the younger generation. He enjoyed taking schoolchildren around his institute. “