‘”Udta Punjab” has taken the audience by storm

Even after several cuts thanks to Censor Board, ‘Udta Punjab’ has taken the audience by storm. Barring a few small section of the audience, most of them have been moved and shaken by the honest intention with which the film has been made apart from of course its real, hard-hitting content. And filmmaker Vikram Bhatt is no exception either.

The director is so impressed, inspired and shocked by the content that he took it to the social media to pour his sentiments about the film and the way the grave drug issue in Punjab has been addressed in the film. The director is moved with the way the story has been told and he didn’t mince words to even criticise the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), who had suggested 89 cuts in the film.


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One of his many heart-storming comments on the film read, “Our films are being treated like patients in a decadent mental institution where shock therapy is given to all the people. Then, they lie in the corner in a vegetative state, no one any different from the other. No individuality… Just lumps of uncontrollable protoplasm adhering to the parameters of social behaviour laid down by minds that cannot see the world for what it is.”

He further wrote, “I am filled with dread because I realize we are living in very dangerous times. ‘Udta Punjab’ wanted to expose the menace of drugs but instead it ended up exposing much more. It exposed the inability of the keepers of our culture to see that all types of people exist, and we as an audience have the right to meet them.”

Targetting the Censor Board for suggesting 89 cuts, Vikram said, “If I cannot tell stories about the world I live in, if I cannot tell stories about the people who live here with me, if I cannot go to places where there is pain and misery, if I cannot tell you how those people speak, if I cannot distinguish between good and bad, if I cannot give you a slice of life, a slice of the world I live in, then I am a storyteller in chains.”

Vikram’s message garnered lots of likes and applause and one of them was that of co-producer of ‘Udta Punjab’, Ekta Kapoor, who thanked Vikram for his tremendous support to the film. Ekta’s comment on his post read, “Vikram Bhatt just shared ur review on our grp! D best I have read ! N just have acute brongkitis just like u!” Vikram too reciprocated to Ekta’s comment and this is what he wrote, “Please get better Ekta Kapoor. Bronchitis is really bad news. But the producer that is you, has made the nation hold its breath. You deserve the applause and the gratitude of the people of this country.”