Arabia funding radical Islamists, causing bloodshed

snakeArabia is funding radical Islamists, causing bloodshed through various outfits,  The extremist behaviour of the criminal Bloodthirsty Wahhabi regime in Saudi Arabia will no longer be tolerated, not even by their own allies,

The Al Saud have brought nothing but Evil misery and  bloodshed  to the Arab world, and instead of using oil revenues for the betterment of Islam the wahhabi regime is using it’s vast fortunes to cause havoc and destruction upon the poorer and less fortunate Arab and Muslim countries, who refuse to submit to their radical Wahhabi Ideology!

General Muslims and non muslims of the world have now woken up to realise that they want to get rid of this vile creature (ISIS/ISIL) which has bitten their newborns with a highly toxic and extremely venomous poison.

This particular evil species is called Wahhabiyyah and has been kept alive by the Snake Charmers in the West.

The Snake Charmer does not really want to destroy this Snake due to its own Evil Dajjalic Agenda… when he himself re-introduced this Evil Breed  to the world in 1924, which has now grown into quite a large out of control vile Monster with its many Ugly Heads!

In 2013, $1.75 Trillion was spent on the military worldwide; with the top 100 arms companies selling over $402 Billion in weapons, but they still insisted to show us on TV Adverts: “How you can help the poor impoverished countries like Africa with food and clean water!”

But Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Lebanon have all been bombed by The Snake Charmer and its pungi  since 9/11, with the apparent objective of destroying Radical Islamic Terrorism.


Yet whether it’s in the form of The Taliban, Al-Qaeda, or ISIS/ISIL…etc, the ideology behind all them  is the same vile species known as Wahhabism which is Hypnotized  by USA,UK,FRANCE,ISRAEL…etc.




It is an Extremely Venomous Species known to the Muslim world  as Wahhabi Not Sunni as the Snake Charmer led us to believe, The Snake Charmer like its Master Dajjal will confuse and mesmerise us and our Parents, so that they will not able to use the right Vaccine against its Extremely Toxic and very Poisonous venom !


The original breed (Khawarij) of this species raised its ugly head around the year 1740CE in Najd to spread its highly poisonous venom across the Muslim world. For the past 270 years or so, its highly poisonous venom has been spreading across the Muslim world from within Saudi Arabia! (More info here)

Most of the Wahhabiyyah  call themselves:  “Salafi/Ahlehadith” (Inland Taipan) and not to forget their (Eastern Brown) who call themselves Deobandi /Tablighis…etc, have been breeding this venomous species for quite some time and they are now quite desperate to find a vaccine for its poisonous venom, which they wholeheartedly kept breeding until  their newborns became extremely Toxic with its poison.

Those Muslims living in the west for the past 50 years or so who adopted this species of the Wahhabiyyah “Salafi/Ahlehadith” and the Deobandi /Tablighi cults have also affected their newborns through the venomous teachings of  Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn abdul Wahhab Najd’s Ideology  due to their own Evil misguided Self Hatred of the Orthodox Sunni/Sufi Muslims!