I will still be around: Raghuram Rajan

NEW DELHI: Don’t write Raghuram Rajan off, yet. That’s what the man himself said on Wednesday. “I feel like in the last few days I’ve read lot of my obituaries and I’m still here for 2-and-a-half months in this job… After that I’ll be still around somewhere in the world, probably a lot in India so don’t write me off,” Rajan said Wednesday in a speech to Assocham, an industry body, in Bengaluru.

The governor has been giving it back right, left and centre to critics and to BJP MP Subramanian Swamy without once taking Swamy’s name.

After Rajan’s shock Saturday announcement that he’s going back to academia and won’t be around for a second term, he’s been hitting back at critics, often cheekily.

Rajan hits back at critics

“I’m here to talk on resolution of financial distress. Talking about obituaries rather than birth announcements,” the RBI head said Wednesday, going on to add the bit about his still being around.

Two days ago, he said, people “cannot have it both ways, want lower inflation as well as lower policy rates.”

Rajan’s also been talking a lot about his work in keeping inflation in check. His response has been to critics who said he’s been hawkish on interest rates.

“The RBI can never abandon inflation to focus on growth,” the RBI governor said earlier this week. “The poor will not suffer disproportionately due to bouts of sharp inflation, and the middle class will not see its savings eroded.”

That one comment was likely a response to Swamy’s comment about Rajan being “mentally not fully Indian”.