China’s top leaders praise development strategies and policies of Madhya Pradesh

CM Mr. Chouhan holds dialogue with Minister, IDCPC Mr. Song Tao

lead22.6.16Bhopal, June 22, 2016 (Muslim Saleem):  The Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on the third day of his visit to China met top leaders of China. He held meetings with the Minister of the International Department of the Communist Party of China (IDCPC) and senior diplomat Mr. Song Tao and the Secretariat of the Communist Party and a member of the Political Bureau Mr. Zhao Leji. Both the leaders greatly appreciated people-oriented development strategies of Madhya Pradesh pursued in the last decade and showed keen interest in state’s development policies. Mr. Tao is also working as head of the Communist Party’s International Liaison Department and has been member of the Communist Party of China since 1975. Department of International Relations of the Central Committee of Communist Party of China takes care of diplomatic relations with other countries and coordinates foreign relations with political parties. It is also responsible for fostering relationships with other political parties and strengthening diplomatic ties. Mr. Tao welcomed the Chief Minister and hosted lunch in his honor. Both the leaders had about two-hour discussions on numerous topics on various dimensions of development.

The Chief Minister informed Mr. Tao about the chief characteristics of Madhya Pradesh and elaborated about how its development strategies, policies and pro-poor programmes led to achievements in development. The Chief Minister informed about the steps and initiatives taken in last decade for empowerment of women, widening of irrigation facilities, increasing agricultural production, strengthening infrastructure and industrial development. As Communist Party office-bearer Mr. Tao was enthusiastic to know about the organizational strengths of BJP, how its structure and functions.

Mr. Chouhan explained to him in detail about the organizational strengths of BJP, its commitment to the prosperity of the poorest of the poor. He also invited Mr. Tao to the Global Investors Summit being held in October in Indore. The Chief Minister informed him that such summits take place in other states too. He said that Madhya Pradesh has opened a series of dialogues with young entrepreneurs. Mr. Tao informed Mr. Chouhan about Communist Party’s priorities and future objectives. Mr. Tao praised the progress of agriculture in the state and appreciated the policies adopted for the same.