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Kaif Bhopali

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Kaif Bhopali soloKaif Bhopali Was born at Lucknow (though he use to cite Bhopal as his birthplace due to some compulsions) on February 20, 1917. Kaif Bhopali, whose forefathers had migrated from Kashmir to Lucknow and then Bhopal, was extremely intelligent. In his earlier days, he had translated 13 chapters of the holy Quran in poetic form. Later, he moved to Mumbai and started writing film songs, specially in the films made by Kamal Amrohi. He was an instant hit at every mushayara he attended. Kaif Bhopali died at Bhopal in 1991. Best couplets:

1. Teraa chehra kitna suhaana lagtaa hai….tere aage chand purana lagta hai

2. Kamsini key aalam mein jin ko chhod aaya thaa

Ab to un darakhton ke phal bhi pak gaye hongey

3. Kaun aaye ga yahaan, koi na aaya hogaa

Mera darwazaa hawaon ney hilayaa hoga

from left (Iftikhar Bano, Kaif Bhopali, daughter-in-law and son

Kaif (sitting left), Parveen Kaif, Shaheen Kaif and Kaif’s wife Iftikhar BanoKaif (sitting left), Parveen Kaif, Shaheen Kaif and Kaif's wife  Iftikhar Bano copy

From right) Kaif Bhopali, Balram Jakhar, Naushad and then PM Rajiv Gandhi

Akhtar Saeed Khan, Kaif Bhopali, Bashir Badr

Aziz Durrani, kaif Bhopali and other


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Muslim Saleem wiith Parveen Kaif, daughter of Kaif Bhopali.

Muslim Saleem wiith Parveen Kaif, daughter of Kaif Bhopali after Jashn-ee-Muslim at Bhopal on December 30,. 2012.