Poetic tribute to monthly Imkan edited by Malikzada Manzoor Ahmad by Muslim Saleem

Malikzada Manzoor Ahmad, who died on April 22, 2016 was one of the great poets and writers of Urdu had been waging a relentless war against the black sheep of Urdu literature. In the March-April edition of monthly Imkan, he has written an editorial entitled “Tash-heeri Adab” in which has exposed the people who are hogging limelight through unfair means in Urdu literary world as well as mushairas. Inspired by this editorial, I (Muslim Saleem) have written a qata as ode to Monthly Imkan. Both the qata and the editorial are being posted here for the benefit of Urdu lovers. It is matter of shame that mutashairs are reciting poetry composed by others in mushairas and stealing the limelight. Similarly, some magazines are publishing special issues on insignificant people by taking money from them. The editorial gives a severe blow to these malicious tendencies. (Muslim Saleem – April 5, 2012).