Shivaji Maharaj, family revered Sufi saints (click to enlarge)

This article is written by Syed Shah Ghazi Uddin advocate. In the article he says that Maratha leader Shivjaji Maharaj and his family used to respect Muslim Sufis. Shivaji’s grandmother was a great follower of Sufi saint Shah Shareef who lived near Ahmadnagar (Maharashtra). Due to the Sufi saint’s blessings, she begot two male children. She named them Shah Ji and Shareef Ji. Shivaji Maharaj was the son of Shah Ji. Shivaji’s grandfather Malav Ji also revered Sufi saint Shah Shareef. When Shah Shareef died at the age of 99, Malav Ji constructed dome of his mausoleum. Read other interesting aspects in the photo copy of the article being published here.

(Muslim Saleem – February 20, 2013).

Shivaji, family revered Sufi saints

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