Film actor Irrfan Khan attacks practce qurbani on Idul Ul Azha

Irrfan New

Jaipur: Film acror Irrfan Khan has made a controversial statement on Eid-ul-Adha during the promotional event of his upcoming emotional thriller ‘magician’. “The meaning of sacrifice is to sacrifice anything dear to you. It is not real sacrifice when they bring two goats from the market and sacrificed them

Irfan did not stop and so on. He added, “You have nothing to do with them, he sacrificed goats from where? It does accept what prayer is that every man ask his heart and killed him virtue will be found.”

Irfan also said on Wednesday, our festivals are also what they mean to us must understand that they are created. Luckily that arm have been staying in the country where every religion is respected.