beauty queen kills husband through boyfriend

beauty queen kills husband through boyfriendShe is beautiful, but what she did has taken all by surprise. Velsi was secretly in love with her uncle’s son so she stage managed drama of loot and got the husband Dishit murdered by her boyfriend and his friend at Surat in Gujarat on Monday night.

Bungalow of Dishit,s  a businessman is located in the posh area of ​​the city Surgeons Society, It is very deep inside the locality. This was one of the suspicisons of the police which led to unvelining the businessman’s murder mystery. In this case, including police Dishit Velsi lover and his friend’s wife, is also arrested. He confessed to the crime that Velsi lover () the murder was orchestrated. Police suspect Velsi was therefore …

– Bungalow Society was deep in the bungalow itself robbers for looting Why?
– Robbers Velsi of just why the ornaments off while Dishit neck was a gold chain and a gold ring finger. Robbers did not touch them.
– If the robbers had come with the intention of looting the valuables kept in the house, why not rob locker.
– Just had to have the looting of Dishit Why was so brutally murder. Retas Gonpane knife eight times in the chest after the throat.
– In this case from the beginning to the police was not able to digest the story narrated by Velsi.
– Velsi told police that night around 12 pm door bell rang. Dishit opened the door.
– The two men who had entered the house by pushing Dishit. Both were in the hands of the big knife.
– Robbers took off my jewelry and I stopped in the bathroom to the bedroom with the daughter. The murder was followed by Dishit.
– I (Velsi) somehow broke the glass of the bathroom window and shouted for help. Then the neighbors came and pulled us out of the bathroom.
According to police, Dishit Velsi and was married three years ago. They have a daughter. However, his mother’s uncle’s son Velsi the affair was going on for many years. Hence Velsi Dishit by removal of the way it was planned.

Dishit was fast asleep, his murder was
– Indeed, Velsi narrated the whole story to the police was false.
– Velsi night Dishit daughter and was looking forward to the gold.
– The night the door opened and the twelve o’clock Velsi accused entered the bedroom.
– According to the plan, then the buried Velsi raised five daughters and went to the bathroom.
– Accused of the bathroom door locked from the outside and then to murder him in his sleep of Dishit had escaped from the car.
– Loom factory owners had Dishit business of the finance and property dealing. His very name was in town. So the murder of the police was sleepless.
– Accused of helping to catch the dog squad and FSL was taken.
– Police were investigating CCTV footage from around the bungalows, the robbers appeared. However, they did not see the face clear.
– The men arrived from the auto, was arrested by the police on Wednesday. Auto driver told police the face of the accused. Police arrested the driver of the auto that was laid down, the accused will not be alerted.