killer beauty bike rider

killer beauty bike rider

She is sizzling beauty and just 18. But, she has done something very thrilling. Youngest Female Stunt Biker Anam’s Hashim is subject of discussions on internet and social media these days. Anam will now travel a distance of 21-hundred kilometers from the Ladakh on TVS Scooty Zest In just 18 days,

Anam Hashim has been fond of riding stunts since childhood.

– Due to the hobby Anam joined TVS Scooty Zest program and the journey to the Himalayas.

– Anam experts are not just biking, bike repair even know they were spoiled.

– Anam often hurt because of this hobby had to be.

– Never ever bled their limbs were broken, but he did not biking.

Fashion designing student Anam

– Anam’s family is from Lucknow.

– From the capital, he completed his schooling.

– At present they are in Pune course in fashion designing.

Measured the distance of 2,100 km in 18 days

– TVS Scooty Zest Anam joined in September 2015.

– Anam Krdung from Scotty had reached LA.

– Scotty Zest to stunt their corresponding figure in India Book of Records.

– He traveled from Amritsar to Jammu was fixed in only 18 days, a distance of 2100 kilometers.

– 10 have received during this journey.

– The journey he had just stopped to drink water from place to place.

– 6 to 7 hours to 250 kilometers that make up Scotty.

– Anam in personal life and run Apache bike stunts on the sites.

Facility of stents in India

– Anam says, “India is a very wrong way of doing stunts. Foreign course it is understood that, while it is not here.”

– She says, “when we do stunts with us if there is complete security. We wear helmets. Originate with full preparation.”

– India is a federation of racing but no stunt.

– Anam again in August are set to Ladakh from his scooty.

– Although the dates are not fixed.