Sanyasi climbs up electricity tower, hangs self in full view of people


Jaipur. It was  was six o’clock in the evening at Mansarovar colony when a fizz broke out. Suddenly a young man went up the high tension line pole. As long as people try to stop him with a rope, he climbed the pole about 50 feet above the hinge and tied knot to commit suicide . and indeed committed suicide in full view of peope.

– Sudden confusion caused by this incident. Whoever heard, rushed to the spot.

– the person e has been identified as Swami Lakhaannd of Sawai Madhopir who used to live on  Bhrigupth here.

– Police have not come across any reason for the event. After the incident, over 150 people gathered. He was was spending life as a saint.  The body was lowered in a hurry. Police say the case is being investigated.

The indicent will be reported to parents. After their arrival, something can be said about reasons. The body has been sent for postmortem