Heinous ISIS plot to kill masses in Bangladesh


After targeting European countries with deadly bombings, the Islamic State group has now threatened to attack India and ‘wipe out Hindus’ in the country with the help of local mujahidin, according to reports. This threat was given before recent attack in Dhaka by ISIS

In a recent interview carried out by ISIS mouthpiece Dabiq Magazine, Shaykh Abu Ibrahim al-Hanif, the head of Islamic State in Bangladesh said that the group plans to use its fighters in the neighbouring countries to carry out guerilla attacks in India.

The terror group said that it aims to implement Sharia law in the country. They also plan to create a rift between believers and dis-believers, thus making it easy for their fighters to take over the country.

In order to spread their terror in India, ISIS may use their fighters in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh, which is often referred to as Bengal by ISIS, is used by the terror group as their caliphate to carry out attacks in neighbouring countries. They plan to send their fighters from Pakistan and Bangladesh to India.