Islam is religion of terrorism: Taslima Nasreen

taslima Taslima Nasreen, a Bangladeshi author who is in exile in India has flayed Islam following Dhaka terrorist attack. She said that it is wrong to say that Islam is a religion of peace. She claimed that all terrorists involved in the recent attack at Dhaka restaurant, in which 20 people were killed, were highly educated and belonged to rich families and rubbished the arguments that poverty makes somebody a terrorist.

All Dhaka terrorists were from rich families, studied in elite schools. Pl do not say poverty & illiteracy make people Islamic terrorists, she added. She further tweeted “For humanity’s sake please do not say Islam is a religion of peace. Not anymore”. — taslima nasreen (@taslimanasreen) July 3, 2016

You don’t need poverty, illiteracy, frustration, America’s foreign policy, Israel’s conspiracy to become an Islamic terrorist. You need Islam.

Taslima holds strong feminist and human rights views and has not been able to return to Bangladesh, her native country that she left in 1994. The author has received death threats from extremist groups linked to al-Qaeda.