Thieves caught hanging by balcony pray for life


Udaipur. On Friday, two thieves entered a house to steal were caught in a dramatic manner. Two thieves who barged into a house to steal his trapped under threat. Try to avoid people who have somehow got hold of.

– A flat on the third floor, two thieves entered the cupboard was opened there by the owner Firoz Abid Hussain son arrived.

– Asked the accused before the plumber told himself. Suspect tried to flee out the miscreants.

– Connor in both master Feroz gate locked from outside and neighbors shouted.

Flat on the third floor remained off miscreants out the window went out.

People began to ask thief

– Has failed to even try to escape it.

– Once a thief to see people out on three floors hanging above the parapet and begged people to come up.

– The thieves said he would fall down. People come up and surrounded the thief caught.