Crorepati marriage in just one rupee expenditure, unbelievable


Indore/Khandwa: The biggest tye sellers Palash Sethi family have set an example by soleminsing their son’s wedding on a dowry of just Re. one. The family is the  owner of the two-wheeler showrooms solemnised marreage Aurangabad property broker Deepak Sethi Patni’s daughter Shweta. – The wedding took place in Aurangabad. here were 15 people including the bride. Among the guests at the bride’s house there were more than 50 people.

– Groom and the bridal party arrived in court as legally married. After this simple ceremony at home in the bride and the groom to each other garlands.

– Hindu rituals returned to Khandwa after the marriage.

– Groom Palash automobile engineer. Bride Shweta CA final year student.


This kind of wedding the most effort to make the groom’s father Arun Sethi. His wish was that the society should be the message that expensive marriages, dowry abuse and righteous in the name of each custom, the tradition of gift giving and taking-over the responsibility of those who are financially endowed. When we show the splendor of weddings middle and lower classes of society, people are forced to work with a loan. Nvyugl said the youth against social evils through the inspiration to want to give up.

With money and bestowing a coconut

Alok Sethi uncle of the groom at the wedding so we could have spent millions but keep in mind that it was the will of the daughters of this world and the dwindling importance of the society explained through daughters. So a couple in clothes daughter brought home.