Princesss looks princess even in simple dress


Jaipur. wedding of Princess Trisika  Dungarpur in Rajasthan king of Mysore Yaduvir  is getting their buzz on every side. The college also became queen Trisika share some of their photos on social media and how active they are in college, it was informed. The Princess was how to remain active in college ..

– Please tell Trisika of the graduated in Business Management from Bangalore is the Jyothi Nivas College.

– By 2013, the college student they are. He was also a member of the Council for three-year student.

– During the Treasury, Cultural Secretary and worked on the post of president.

– College said they lived further studies as well as in sports.

– In college freshers Best Outgoing Student and received the Queen’s Award.

– The principal of the college, said in an interview Trisika was spun like a common girl.

– Their clothes were also plain jeans, T-shirt only.

When the marriage was fixed …

– An interesting thing is that both of these relationships Yauvir-Trisika marriage was fixed in childhood.

– That being said, even before becoming king of Yduvir two had become engaged.

– Like Yduvir Trisika also is fond of riding and music.

In US studies

– 22 years of arts degree from the University of Massachusetts in Boston Trisika said.

– They were returned to the US last year. Trisika Dungarpur royal King Harsha’s father.

– He had two marriages. The royal family are Sodawas Trisika mother Priya Kumari sight.

– Trisika Shivatmika has an older sister. The royal family whose marriage has resulted in Rajkot.