2 married women fall in love, marry, but they are fighting these days?

Lesbian Marriage
Jaipur / Malpura: This is the love story of two lesbain women in Rajasthan who live in neighborhoods, developed Friendship and became usband and wife taking seven rounds but are now at loggerheads. Only in 6 months their relations have sourced Typically, both the women’s husbands stay out.
– 25 Sania (name changed), and 22-year-Mamta (name changed) in lived in separate rented houses Rajasthan town Shivdaspura .
– Due to their neighbors-had to come home to each other. Both husband slive outside, and retrun after several days later.
– Meanwhile, the two fell in love In January this year, they seven rounds and got “married. Sania gave Mamata a crowned necklace in dowry.
– Also clothes, cash and other items also. But they did not inform their husbands and family abouot the wedding.
Now, there were cracks in the relationship …
– And the love story of a 10 month old is on the verge of break.
– After the wedding, Mamta was taking money for themselves with Sania. Later there was a dispute over money both.
– Meanwhile, Sania and lived in Jaipur. Sania (husband) calls his (wife) Mamta but she stopped receiving.
– Last month, on June 11, she called home to give the money to him and his father and brothers Sania assaulted her.
– That he fainted. regained consciousness in Jaipur hospita. Sania has lodged an FIR against Mamata.
– Now ‘husband’ has filed FIR alleging against wife for beating, acid throwing and snatchin money. The wife’s is demanding to return dowry.
– Police involved in the investigation. ‘Woman husband’ has sent ‘woman wife’ notices through counsel.